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How To Be in Command of Your Personal Finances in 2024


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With the world reeling from the pandemic and dealing with its aftereffects, many people’s personal finances have gone for a toss. With inflation higher than ever and grocery prices rising, you will have to take action on your end.

Here are a few things to do in 2024 that will help you with your finances – 

Analyze Your Spending

All money is spending money!! But noticing the trends and curbing wasteful expenditures will help you save money in the long run. This will help you see where you can make adjustments and highlight the pain points in your budget.

This is a great habit to develop especially in 2024. You can save a lot of money following this. Your biggest expenditure should be rent or your mortgage, it will take up 33% of your income every month. 

After that, you should analyze how much you spend on bills and groceries. These two metrics combined will give you a very good idea of your living costs. You can then start trimming other things and see what works best for you. 


Your mortgage, student, and car loans should be a priority every month and you should vow to pay these off as soon as possible. Every month, add a little extra to the amount that you are paying to lessen the interest on your principal. 

Resolving debts early is the best way to financial freedom. You will be free from debts and can start allocating your money to other needed things. Paying a little extra every month can save you a fortune in interest payments. 


Checking up on your investment portfolio from time to time is a healthy practice that you should adopt. It will help you reallocate resources and get a good handle on its performance. 

As the market changes, your investment will either see red or green. The trick is to have a diversified portfolio that stays green no matter what the state of the market is. This diversified portfolio will help you beat inflation and get the best out of the CAGR. 

Have a mix of stable and risky investments, and try to have stock options in your portfolio too. 

Save for something

Everybody dreams of something. Whether it be a home or a car, try to save something. It will give you a reason to save money for future goals. Setting a goal with your savings is one of the most effective ways to start saving and using money wisely. 

In the end

Having a good cash flow and saving habits will help you live out all your dreams. Being financially stable in 2024 is easier than ever if you just focus on these fundamentals. 

Apoorv Singh Kathait
Apoorv Singh Kathait
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