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The Best Financial Advice for Gen Z 


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Gen Z is one of the youngest generations to enter the workforce right now. The corporate landscape is different, and it is more flexible than ever. Focusing more on the quality of life and having unique experiences, here is the best financial advice for Gen Z.

Start Saving Early , Gen Z

There has been a shift in spending habits and how each generation spends their money. The Gen X and Boomers before them have made enough money to help their kids even in their 20s. Gen Z is spending less money on things like cars and focusing more and getting the work done. 

Saving since your first job will have you set up for the future. Saving right from the start will help you track your spending habits and what you need to spend your money on. Also, you will get a better idea of what your fixed costs are. 


Gen Z is spending more money on experiencing things rather than owning something. Whether it be traveling or going to events that are unique, experiences are the thing to have in this day and age.  

Memories last forever but material things don’t. This is why Gen Z is spending more on curating their lives with experiences than materialistic things. You will cherish these memories forever and have a better life too by the end of it.  

Sacrifice is a part of life 

Many times, you will have to make tough decisions, but you should make peace with the fact that these are a part and parcel of life. You will have to make decisions that directly affect your life. 

For example, getting a job opportunity in another city will make an impact on your life. You will have to leave your life behind and start over once again in 2022. This is a part of life, and you should do what you think will be best for you. 

Your life is a collection of decisions that you have taken and how their consequences unfold. Make decisions after taking in multiple factors and see if they are in sync with your life’s vision.  

Financial Plan 

Make a financial plan and read up on personal finances from time to time. Investing at the right age will help you retire comfortably when the time comes. This will also make you take responsibility for the money coming in and have a long game plan too. 

Financial literacy will help you put your money to work. Know the ins and outs of the system and take the time to update yourself from time to time on financial matters. 

Quality over name brand 

With the world becoming more informed and conscious of the decision of larger companies, you can go with something more local and utilitarian easily. There are a lot of alternative options for many name-brand competitors, and you can get them sourced locally too. 

In the end

As a Gen Z adult with options do not be afraid to explore things and try out new things yourself. Set yourself up for financial freedom early on and live the best life you can.  

Apoorv Singh Kathait
Apoorv Singh Kathait
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