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Top Fintech to Invest in 2024


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With the world finally showing signs of recovery after the pandemic wreaked havoc, fintech has also seen a boon in the last few months. Fintech was in the midst of a revolution when the pandemic but also gained momentum just like the pre-pandemic era.  

If you have been thinking of investing in Fintech, then these are some of the best companies to invest in –   


Still the leader all over the world for online payment, PayPal should be high on your list of things you want to invest in. As it ages, its market share keeps increasing, and has been one of the biggest online payment aggregators in recent times.   

With 432 million accounts active and spread across 200 countries, it is the DeFacto online payment portal for big and small businesses alike. Even though they are ahead of the competition they are still finding different ways to monetize and expand in a highly competitive market.   


Previously known as “Square” it is another payment aggregator and also a lending platform. They have been able to grow exponentially in the last few years, due to their rigorous yet innovative practices.   

The merchant platform that they have deployed has also made it easier for merchants to have an omnichannel presence across their e-commerce business. This has made it easier for people to start their e-commerce journey without many hiccups.   

Bank Of America  

While most people would associate BoA with old-school banking, it is now essentially a fintech company. After the Recession of 2008 Brian Moynihan, the current CEO made proactive changes to the institution to make way for better customer satisfaction.   

Since the changes, BoA has been named one of the most customer-friendly banks when it comes to online and mobile banking. With the new digital channels available the business itself has become more efficient than ever.   


The payment processing solution has been present all over the world and can be considered a great investment for anyone interested in fintech. Focused mostly on large businesses, they already have Microsoft, Mcdonalds, and Uber as their clients.  

Even eBay dropped PayPal a few years ago and now uses Adyen. With $700 billion in annualized payments, it is one of the best Fintech businesses to invest in.    


The Amazon of Latin America is an e-commerce business that has scaled exponentially in the last few years. Its 146% year-on-year growth has made it an enticing investment option for most. It not only shows promise but also has been actively investing in research.  Their Mercado Pago payments plan has processed more than $120 billion to date.   

In The End  

With fintech rapidly expanding, right now is the best time to invest in it.   

Apoorv Singh Kathait
Apoorv Singh Kathait
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