Home News Chicago-based Mortgage Loan Officer Happy to Share Knowledge on the Housing Finance Market

Chicago-based Mortgage Loan Officer Happy to Share Knowledge on the Housing Finance Market

Chicago-based Mortgage Loan Officer Happy to Share Knowledge on the Housing Finance Market

Mortgage Lender, based in Northbrook, IL, is offering his home financing expertise in Chicago and neighboring areas, with a special focus on refinancing. He is also ready to help veterans in finding the best possible home financing rates, such as the option provided by the VA Home Program. He says, “Getting home financing for the purchase of your home offers a number of benefits. These include the provision of shelter and security, the building of equity, tax advantages, good long-term investment, and creative freedom. Whether you’re looking for how-to information for your home financing deal, how to get to know more about Homeside Financial, how to make your new house feel like home, or something in between, we have the information resource you are looking for.”

With regards to home refinancing, he explains that there is a particular cost for homeowners and this includes the need for an appraisal, a title search, and refinancing application fees. Therefore, it is vital to receive professional advice before finally deciding to go through with the refinancing. David Hochberg advises homeowners that the best time to apply for refinancing is when interest rates are low because it will allow the home financing rate to be updated to the current lower rate. However, homeowners who want to benefit from built-up home equity and convert it into cash, they have to be careful before deciding to go through with it because there is the risk of having their personal finance problems worsen. People who would like to learn more about David Hochberg and how he can help can visit his Instagram page.

David Hochberg is also ready to assist veterans and service members, and surviving spouses, in obtaining funding for their home purchase. The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a VA program where that provides a home financing guarantee. This allows veterans and service members to buy a home with no down payment, enjoy lower interest rates, and avoid paying home financing insurance. Overall, the VA program makes it easier for veterans and service members to buy, construct, keep, renovate, or adapt a home for their personal occupancy.

And then there is the home financing program offered by the US Federal Housing Administration (FHA). The FHA home program has the purpose of making it easier for low- to moderate-income families to own a home. This home financing alternative is insured by the US federal government but the funds are provided by a bank or financial institution that has been approved by the FHA. The primary benefit of using the FHA home funding program is the lower minimum down payment in contrast to the down payment needed for conventional home funding providers. Furthermore, those who have relatively low credit scores may also get approved.

David Hochberg is Vice President of Lending at Homeside Financial, which is a nationwide financial services firm that provides home funding services, home refinancing, and buying services. He is also a radio talk show host at WGN Radio. He believes in the value of educating homeowners in Chicago and surrounding areas, with regard to the entire refinancing process.

Meanwhile, Homeside Financial is one of the top 100 home funding companies and has received other awards, such as the best place to work, a member of Inc. 5000, and more. And Team Hochberg has more than 300 reviews on Google with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. In a recent review, Robert C. gave them five stars and said, “I did my home loan with David and his team several years back, and on closing, my lawyer had a scheduling conflict. He saw who our mortgage agent was and decided not to reschedule anybody and keep the conflict. He took closing first and said that he knew it would be seamless and quick, and with that, he would be able to get the closing done and jump in the car to get to the other closing without having to reschedule either. He was right. It was quick and easy.”

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