Home News Dutch IT Infrastructure Provider Serverius Attracts CapMan Infra Investment

Dutch IT Infrastructure Provider Serverius Attracts CapMan Infra Investment

Dutch IT Infrastructure Provider Serverius Attracts CapMan Infra Investment

Serverius has three operating data centres in the Netherlands with a total of ~8 MW available power, and advanced inhouse technical IT infrastructure expertise. The company also offers additional IT infrastructure services such as one of the largest Dutch IP networks and interconnectivity from the third largest Dutch internet exchange “SpeedIX”. Serverius was founded in 2008 by its current CEO and owner, Gijs van Gemert, and today employs approximately 30 people.

This investment is the first in a data centre platform that CapMan Infra is looking to build throughout Northern Europe, providing European wide connectivity. With CapMan’s local market presence, the company seeks to expand into the Nordic countries. The company will focus on optimising energy usage, increasing the use of renewable energy and establishing high operating standards for its operations and value chain.

“We are looking forward to start working with the Serverius team on ways to position the company for further growth in this exciting market. This is an important first step of building a larger international platform”, says Harri Halonen, Partner at CapMan Infra. “Together with Serverius we are set to develop the governance, administration and client focus of the business in order to accelerate growth,” Halonen continues.

“We are thrilled to have CapMan on board and welcome their institutional and professional approach to support in the next phase of growth for Serverius. Over the past few years, Serverius has undergone an amazing transformation. This new partnership with CapMan is a logical next step to further optimize our business processes and build a strong northern European platform together. To serve our European customer base in the years to come, our team looks forward to expanding our unique range of data center services. Given the strong collaboration with CapMan, I will continue to invest in our new European platform of the future. I will remain closely involved in the daily business as I have been doing up to now,” says Gijs van Gemert, CEO of Serverius.

The investment is CapMan Nordic Infrastructure II fund’s third investment, following investments in Skarta Energy and Napier.


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