Home News Faraday Future Announces $100 Million in Unsecured Convertible Note Financing Commitments

Faraday Future Announces $100 Million in Unsecured Convertible Note Financing Commitments

Faraday Future Announces $100 Million in Unsecured Convertible Note Financing Commitments

Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIE) (“Faraday Future”, “FF” or “Company”), a California-based global shared intelligent electric mobility ecosystem company, today announced the signing of definitive agreements for financing commitments of $100 million in unsecured convertible notes. The notes are expected to generate cash for the Company that will be utilized for continued production ramp up and development of its sales & service system for its flagship FF 91 vehicle. The transactions contemplated by this financing are subject to the satisfaction or waiver of certain conditions and limitations on enforceability as detailed below.

Major funding investors in these unsecured convertible notes financing are Metaverse Horizon Limited, an independent investment fund with investors including FF Global Partners (“FFGP”), and V W Investment Holding Limited, an affiliate of a long-term shareholder of the Company.

“I am extremely pleased to share with you the news of this financing round. This is a strong testament to the potential that investors see in FF’s ability to be an industry leader, and confidence in the changes we have made to our governance structure, new management team and systems and the strength of the global partners mechanism,” said Xuefeng Chen, Global CEO of Faraday Future.

FFGP is a partnership of 20 current and former senior executives of the Company and has committed $80 million to this round of financing as an anchor investor. The investment shows a continued commitment to the Company, as well as a show of confidence by a team of 20 current and former senior executive partners, in Faraday Future’s ability to achieve its mid- and long-term goals.

In this challenging market environment, where the Company believes it is significantly undervalued by the market, and through multiple rounds of negotiation in the past two months with several investors, FFGP and another long-term investor committed to provide the needed funding commitments to support the Company to continue its growth and delivery plans.

“I especially thank the global partner team and FFGP who have supported the Company repeatedly in times of need. This round of financing commitments is expected to provide the Company with capital to support our FF 91 delivery milestone, sales and service system development, as well as support our near-term production ramp up goals. We are taking a long-term stockholder value creation approach to running the business and hope this funding will give more confidence to our investors who have stood by us over time,” said Chen. “We are painfully aware of the challenges our stockholders have experienced and are working steadfast towards restoring company value. Our global team is focused on executing on our delivery plan.”

“We are delighted to participate in this round of financing for FFIE as an anchor investor. We understand the importance of this funding for FFIE’s production capacity ramp-up and the subsequent delivery plan. FFGP remains committed to doing everything possible to provide support to FFIE and assist in achieving its strategic goals, including accelerating a portion of the funding. We are also very grateful for the participation of another existing stockholder in this round of investment,” said Jerry Wang, President of FFGP. “We hope this funding will help the Company transition to more strategic investors and return to conventional financing to further maximize Company and stockholder value.”


Per the funding agreements, the initial closing will consist of $15 million within five business days following the satisfaction of the applicable closing conditions, or waiver of such conditions by the parties. Such closing conditions include, among others, an effective registration statement with respect to the underlying shares, sufficient authorized, unissued and uncommitted Class A shares of common stock, and the Company meeting certain delivery milestones. Seven subsequent closings will occur within fifteen business days of the applicable prior closing date.

FF has received third party beneficiary rights in equity commitment letters with FFGP and the sole stockholder of V W Investment Holding Limited to be able to compel the closing or seek damages subject to the limitations set forth therein. In the event of a breach by such investors of their obligations under their equity commitment letters with the Company, the Company may not be able to recover the damages caused by, or receive the funding due to, such breach. For details on the terms, conditions, and funding schedule of the unsecured notes and warrants and related securities purchase agreement and equity commitment letters, please refer to the Company’s filing today on Form 8-K with the SEC.

The Company also entered into an eighth amendment to the securities purchase agreement and an amendment to certain secured notes and warrants that, among other things, waived certain preemptive rights and full ratchet anti-dilution price protection with respect to the Company’s unsecured notes and warrants and employee stock purchase program and aligned the conversion price and interest make-whole in the secured notes with the unsecured notes.

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