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Fintech Saudi Arabia Concludes the Largest Fintech Job Fair in the Area

Fintech Saudi Arabia Concludes the Largest Fintech Job Fair in the Area

The Fintech Saudi Initiative concluded its Fintech Careers Fair, held in Riyadh on the 6th and 7th of March.

With the event, Fintech Saudi aimed to bring talented Saudi fresh graduates and job-seeking experienced professionals together with leading employers in financial technology and qualify and empower them to compete for quality employment opportunities.

More than 50 fintech companies, banks, and other operators in the fintech business showcased over 600 employment opportunities in this dynamic sector.
The two-day fair proved very popular among young Saudi me and women, with over 8,000 attending in two days. Top employers that participated included SAMA and Saudi Payments, among other banks and technology companies.

“The Fintech Careers Fair has proven to be a runaway success with Saudi professionals thanks to the opportunity it presented for them to be in direct touch with employers’ HR reps,” said Nezar Alhaidar, Director of Fintech Saudi. “They were able to have full visibility over the employment opportunities available to them, directly apply for those positions, and benefit from the fintech and career development workshops throughout the fair.”

The Fintech Careers Fair, explained Alhaidar, successfully brought employment opportunities to job seekers, which went a long way in helping achieve the targets of Vision 2030’s Financial Sector Development Program and building up a local talent pool in financial technology.

Alhaidar expressed gratitude to SAMA and Tadawul for their endless support of Fintech Saudi, adding that the widespread participation of fintech companies, purveyors of digital payment solutions, and local banks greatly raised the profile of the event nationwide, especially given the fair’s status as a key initiative that contributes to the success of the National Financial Technology Strategy, itself a key pillar of the Financial Sector Development Program, which aims to make a global fintech hub out of the Kingdom and create all kinds of investment and employment opportunities in the sector by 2030.

The Fintech Careers Fair comes at a time when the Kingdom is witnessing a boom in the financial technology industry. As of March, there are 147 active local and international fintech companies operating in Saudi Arabia. In 2022, new fintech companies in the Kingdom were up 72 percent from 2021, with the number of fintech companies having increased a whopping 14.7 from just four years ago. So far, nearly $400 million have been invested in the industry nationwide.

To help Saudi professionals and fresh graduates build and refine their skills, Fintech Saudi held seven workshops and career guidance sessions on the sidelines of the Fintech Careers Fair, in collaboration with the Human Resources Development Fund and Cashin, which specializes in financial technology, digital payment solutions, and point-of-sale services. Some of the most popular workshops were the ones titled Why Now is the Best Time to Work in Fintech, Fintech 101: Introduction to Financial Technology, and Career Anxiety: Planning Your Professional Future.

The Fintech Saudi Initiative was jointly launched by SAMA and Tadawul to drive fintech development in the Kingdom with innovation that fosters growth and responsibility. The initiative aims to help develop the proper infrastructure for the growth of the fintech industry, build capabilities and talent pools, and support fintech entrepreneurs throughout their business development.

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