Home News Successful Launch and First-close Results for New Litigation Finance Firm Lex Ferenda Litigation Funding

Successful Launch and First-close Results for New Litigation Finance Firm Lex Ferenda Litigation Funding

Successful Launch and First-close Results for New Litigation Finance Firm Lex Ferenda Litigation Funding

Lex Ferenda Litigation Funding LLC “LF2” is pleased to announce that it recently launched commercial funding operations after completing the first capital close for its Lex Fernanda Litigation Funding Master Fund. The Fund, which will focus its investments on US litigation and domestic commercial arbitration, welcomed several institutional investors whose commitments to LF2 exceeded initial expectations and brought the Fund substantially closer to its USD $100 million+ target.

LF2 is co-founded by Michael German, a veteran litigator and litigation funder with more than a decade of experience resolving high-value, complex commercial litigation, and Chris Baildon, a financial services expert with more than 30 years of industry experience.

“We are incredibly excited to officially announce our commercial launch and look forward to being disruptive to the litigation finance industry,” said Michael German, LF2‘s Chief Investment Officer. “We have created an investment platform at LF2 that permits us to quickly assess and make informed, data-driven decisions about the potential litigation investments we consider. The resulting transparent, client-focused investment process, which is driven by true subject-matter experts, makes LF2 a trusted partner and advisor for our clients and the law firms that represent them,” said German. “In addition, our industry access and deep bench of seasoned litigators and investors make LF2 a trusted investment manager for the Fund’s investor base as well,” said Chris Baildon, LF2‘s Chief Operating Officer.

LF2 Differentiates Through Niche Focus and Veteran Team of Industry Professionals

LF2 is a privately held investment management firm, with a focus on the litigation, legal, and litigation support and technology markets. As a manager, LF2 is primarily focused on single-case investments in US commercial litigation and domestic commercial arbitration, with sizes ranging between USD $1 million and $10 million, although LF2 retains the discretion to make all manner of investments on behalf of the Fund. LFbrings to market one of the most flexible funding mechanisms currently available, with the ability to assess and invest in claims at any point along the dispute resolution life cycle and with flexible guidelines on law firm and client co-investment.

“We created the investment program at LF2 to specifically address the lack of focus on the customer across the industry,” said German. “LF2 solves this by creating a unique and individualized funding plan for each investment as assessed from the perspective of each of the investment’s underlying stakeholders. Our experience shows us that this yields the greatest outcomes for our clients,” said German.

Executive Team

Michael German – Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Michael is one of the co-founders of and the Chief Investment Officer at LF2. He is primarily responsible for the firm’s strategic direction, investments, and fund risk management. Michael is an experienced litigator, trial lawyer, and litigation funder with more than a decade of experience litigating, resolving, and investing in complex commercial litigation and arbitration matters.

Chris Baildon – Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Chris is one of the co-founders and the Chief Operating Officer at LF2. He is primarily responsible for the firm’s operational and compliance efforts as well as its capital raising and investor relations efforts. Chris brings three decades of global investment banking and finance experience, with substantial experience in management, business development, and capital raising across investment verticals, including litigation finance.

David Stickney – Managing Director, Underwriting and Risk

David is LF2‘s Managing Director, Underwriting and Risk. He is responsible for the firm’s case underwriting, investment monitoring, and risk management programs, and supports the firm’s business development efforts. David is a renowned litigator and law firm leader who recovered billions of dollars for his clients through complex commercial litigation, earning him recognition as a “Titan of the Plaintiffs’ Bar” and a “Litigation Groundbreaker.”

Advisory Board

Hon. Vanessa Gilmore (ret.) – Member of the Advisory Board

Judge Gilmore is a member of the Advisory Board at LF2. She primarily advises the leadership team on new and existing investments but is also an important strategic advisor to the firm on various legal and dispute-resolution matters. Judge Gilmore recently retired from the bench after more than 25 years of serving as an Article III judge in the Southern District of Texas.

Scott Mozarsky – Member of the Advisory Board

Scott is a member of the Advisory Board at LF2. He is an important strategic advisor to the business on legal, data, and technology issues. Scott currently leads the M&A and Capital Markets Advisory Practice for a leading middle market investment bank and previously served as a corporate and legal leader to several large multinationals and publicly-traded entities.

Institutionally Managed Capital Takes Long-Term View of LF2

LF2‘s first close was led by a leading global financial investment manager with an alternatives portfolio AUM exceeding USD $22 billion. “We are thrilled to have an exceptionally strong investor, with substantial experience in the litigation finance asset class, show such confidence in LF2. With access to significant committed capital and the substantial reach of its industry-knowledgeable investors, LF2 is able to act quickly in meeting plaintiff funding needs, which is crucial to securing quality case investments,” said Baildon.

LF2 is structured with the objective of meeting the highest standards in investment process management, quality control, risk management, and compliance.

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