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Telgorithm Adds a Feature to Business Text Messaging Called “Time Routing”

Telgorithm Adds a Feature to Business Text Messaging Called “Time Routing”

Telgorithm, the automated A2P text messaging API provider, announced today the launch of its newest product feature, Time Routing. The first of its kind in the business text messaging industry, Time Routing allows businesses to better manage A2P messages that are queued, saving on costs and providing a better customer experience for the end user.

From day one Telgorithm has been focused on making A2P 10DLC text messaging more automated, reliable, and effective for businesses and Time Routing is a must for customers to achieve A2P success,said Aaron Alter, CEO and co-founder of Telgorithm. Time Routing allows businesses to have more control over their A2P messaging and is offered with our API at no additional cost.

This unique feature allows businesses to rescind or “expire” queued messages per Campaign that no longer need to be sent due to time sensitivity, or schedule them in advance for a preferred time period. Businesses can proactively set Time Routes for their queued messages so that they either rescind or schedule for later by adding preferred time periods for sending.

This enables businesses sending high-volume and time-sensitive SMS/MMS to use throughput/rate limits efficiently, save on sending unnecessary messages and overall provide a better customer experience.

“The use cases are endless, but a few examples include limited-time marketing offers, alerts, 2FA notices, and specific to scheduling, for example businesses texting a large base of T-Mobile users and T-Mobile capping A2P messages on a daily basis, Time Routing can save customers from receiving queued messages at midnight and disturbing their sleep,” said Alter.

Time Routing is complementary to Telgorithm’s unique and mission-critical Smart Queueing and Message Prioritization features. Smart Queueing automatically tracks and manages a businesses approved TCR (The Campaign Registry) and Carrier rate limits so they can send at the fastest speeds without ever exceeding limits; any additional messages are queued up to send at the next available opportunity. With Message Prioritization, businesses can proactively program their most urgent messages to be delivered first so that they’re not sitting in the queue. And now with Time Routing, businesses are able to strategically determine what happens with the messages that are queued.

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