Home News The Research Staff at LPL Financial Has Been Expanded

The Research Staff at LPL Financial Has Been Expanded

The Research Staff at LPL Financial Has Been Expanded

LPL Financial LLC (Nasdaq: LPLA) today announced that the firm’s Research team has several new appointments. Director of Research Marc Zabicki has assumed the role of chief investment officer, responsible for leading a team of experienced analysts who provide deep insights, market observations, and model management to help advisors run a thoughtful and efficient business.

Zabicki spent nearly two years leading LPL Research, laying the foundation for building a synergistic team that has been instrumental in placing key research findings into advisors’ hands so they can better navigate the industry to benefit their clients. As chief investment officer, Zabicki will continue to steer LPL Research into an industry-leading thought partner for advisors.

“These past two years have been very rewarding,” said Zabicki. “I’m thrilled to assume the role of chief investment officer while also paying tribute to my fellow team members who have guided our advisors through the financial investing landscape. Together we work to optimize their ability to respond to ever-fluctuating adjustments taking place in the market. We will continue to concentrate on our shared strategic priorities so advisors can make the best decisions for their clients and their businesses.”

Other key members of LPL Research include Jeffrey Roach, chief economist; Lawrence Gillum, fixed income strategist; Barry Gilbert, asset allocation strategist; Jason Hoody, head of manager research and Sustainable Investing; George Smith, portfolio strategist; and Thomas Shipp, quantitative equity analyst.

LPL Research regularly delves into topics such as asset allocation, macro market moves, investment strategies, portfolio management, and sustainable investing. On a daily basis, LPL Research provides in-depth analysis containing crucial intelligence and forecasts on areas such as economics, inflation, and stocks and bonds. Insightful commentary is delivered in a relatable way so clients can understand how market and economic conditions may affect the performance of their investment portfolios.

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